Your partner for silicone products – spanning various industries

Due to our innovative solutions, ET has become one of the leading companies in silicone processing and now manufactures over 2.000 customized products and millions of parts per day. Design, mould-making, prototyping, cleanroom or serial production – We offer all services under one roof.

Produktion 3

Silicone in perfection

We act on this maxim in our daily routine.

Being a forward-thinking company with a lively and sustainable company policy, we have committed ourselves to act economically responsible following high ethical, social and environmental standards.

“Values cannot be taught, values have to be demonstrated”

 Mukund Lakhani

We Believe

Your objectives are our objectives

We keep focussing on our customer’s needs. In order to make you succeed, our employees provide the full range of their competence and professionalism.

Together on the road to success

We work in interdisciplinary project teams – in close cooperation with customers and partners. We pursue open, respectful and constructive communication and we appreciate sharing perspectives and experiences.

Honesty is the best policy

Our relations with internal and external stakeholders are based on integrity, trust and fairness. We
are a solid and reliable partner.