Services We Offer

Our series production is adjusted to our customer's needs to produce with ISO-certified technologies small, medium and large lot sizes - ranging from double digit to 200 million parts.

Experience is our strength

Medical technology / Pharma / Baby Care

Drainage systems, port systems, breathing bags, dental protections, breathing masks, short- and long-term implants.


Sealing mats, decoupling rings, dampers, plug seals, vibration damper, 2-component parts.

Food industry

Push-buttons, folding bellows, closing valves, case sealings.

Electronical industry

Radial seals, single-wire seals, flat seals, insulators, anti-kinking sleeves, keypads, earpads.

Sanitary and household sector

Bonded parts, hygienic brushes, doorstops, bottle openers.

Mechanical engineering

Sealing rings, composite parts.

Our silicon products offers the following advantages

– Biocompatibility

– Neutral taste and odor

– Constant properties -40°C to +250°C

– Suitability for direct blood contact

Some typical uses