About Us

Quality shows in the details ET Elastomer Technik GmbH intends to provide a zero-defect production. A consistent end-to-end quality management in combination with a process focused production reduces possible error sources to a minimum in all parts of the value-added chain, so that we can guarantee the permanent improvement of our products.
Strong partnerships As a matter of course, we require our suppliers to follow the same quality standards. We exclusively work with products of internationally leading companies and choose our partner companies based on the quality of their products. This is how we guarantee that only premium-quality materials supplied by the leading manufacturers are held in the ET product portfolio.

We offer a comprehensive range of clean-room manufactured medical grade silicon products that will satisfy most pharmaceutical, hospital and medical device requirements.

Our silicon products offers the following advantages

– Biocompatibility

– Neutral taste and odor

– Constant properties -40°C to +250°C

– Suitability for direct blood contact

Some typical uses